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Home Workout For Chest Muscles
and Best Tricep Barbell Workouts

Bodybuilding Chest Workout Routine
1. Bench Press - 3 x 8-12
2. Incline DB or Barbell Press - 2 x 10-12
*3. Decline Bench Press - 2 x 8-12
*4. Flat Bench DB Flye - 2 x 10-12
* - Alternate Exercises

Keep your butt and feet on the floor during the chest exercises. Concentrate on contracting your pecs at the peak of the movement.

Best Tricep Workout
1. Lying French Curl - 3 x 10-12
*2. Dips - 2 x 10-12
*3. Close Grip Bench Press - 2 x 8-10
4. Tricep Pushdowns - 2 x 8-12
* - Alternate Exercises

Keep your elbows close to your body. If you allow your elbows to flare out, you will involve your shoulders, etc. Again, contraction is essential.

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FREE Free Weight Lifting Programs
And Body Building Routines!

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