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Top IFBB Pro Bodyuilders

Bodybuilding Who's who

  • Bannout, Samir: Mr.Olympia 1983
  • Beckles, Albert: Has won 9 IFBB Pro Grand Prix titles, but won his first IFBB pro show at the age of 50
  • Beek, Nick Van: Mr. Universe
  • Belknap, Tim: Mr.America at the age of 21, placed 1st. in Mr.World and Mr.Universe. He was the first diabetic to really make it
  • Cahling, Andreas: Won the IFBB Pro. Mr.International One of the few successful vegetarians
  • Christian, Mike: Won the NPC Heavyweight and Overall Nationals 1984 and IFBB Heavyweight World Championship 1984
  • Coe, Boyer: 20+ National and international titles Teenage Mr.America, Mr.World, Mr.America, Mr.Universe
  • Cour, Skip La: Ironman Naturally (S.California) 1994 Natural Musclemania 1994
  • Coleman, Ron: Mr.Universe, NPC Team Universe
  • Columbu, Franco: Mr.Olympia 1976, 1981
  • Demayo, Paul: NPC Nationals Heavyweight and overall winner. Nicknamed Quadzilla for his awesome quads.
  • Davis, Steve: Won the IFBB Mr. World and Mr. California
  • Dickerson, Chris: Mr.Olympia 1982
  • Duchaine, Dan: Famous, if not infamous Steroid Guru.
  • Feliu, Pepi: NPC Junior National 1994 Ferrigno, Lou: Mr.America 1973, Mr.Universe 1973-74
  • Fox, Bertil: Won several Mr.World and Mr.Universe
  • Francois, Mike: Won the Chicago Pro Invitational and Night of Champion
  • Gaspari, Richard: Won several IFBB Pro Grand Prix
  • Haney, Lee: Mr. Olympia 1984-91
  • Hensel, Peter: Won the IFBB Heavyweight World Championship
  • Hoeberl, Manfred: Biggest arms in the world
  • Koontz, Rod: Mr.USA
  • Labrada. Lee: One of the most symetrical bodybuilders ever.
  • Levrone, Kevin: Won the Arnold Classic
  • Love, Ron: Won the NPC Nationalsand IFBB Pro. World Championship
  • Matarazzo, Mike: Mr. USA
  • Mentzer, Mike: Mike and Ray are the only brothers to have both won Mr.America titles. Mr.America 1979
  • Mentzer, Ray: Mike and Ray are the only brothers to have both won Mr.America titles. Mr.America
  • Mey, Berry de: Mr.Europe at the age of 19, won the World Games Heavyweight Championship, 3rd. to 6th. in the Mr.Olympia 1985-88
  • O'Hearn, Mike: Mr.Natural USA, Mr. Natural Int., 1994 Model of the year Powerlifting Champion
  • Oliva, Sergio: Mr.Olympia 1967-69
  • Padilla, Danny: Mr.World, Mr.America, Mr.USA
  • Pearson, Tony: Mr.America at the age of 20
  • Platz, Tom: Mr.Universe 1978
  • Priest Lee:
  • Robinson, Robby: Mr. Olympia 1994, Mr.America,Mr.Universe,Mr.World and he has also won several IFBB Pro Competitions
  • Ross, Don: Pro. Mr.America. His sudden death in 1995 shook the world of bodybuilding
  • Samra, Ofer: Mr.Israel twice, played with Arnold Schwarzenegger in True Lies.
  • Santiago, Victor: Ironman 1994 : Mr.Universe
  • Schmidt, Sonny: Mr.Olympia 1995
  • Schwarzenegger, Arnold: Mr. Olympia 1970-75, 1980 The tallest Mr. Olympia at 6'1,5"
  • Scott, Larry: Mr.Olympia 1965-66
  • Sivert, Andy: Mr. America 1994
  • >Sonbaty, El Nasser:Night of Champions 1995
  • Tinerino, Dennis: One of the most titled bodybuilders. Mr.North America,Teenage Mr.America,Mr.USA,Mr.America, Junior Mr.America,Natural Mr.America,Amateur Mr.Universe Pro Mr.Universe
  • Viator, Casey: Mr.America at the age of 19
  • Weider, Joe: "The Master Blaster", is often referred to as the father of bodybuilding. He has worked together with some of the most successful bodybuilders of all times like Schwarzenegger for instance.
  • Weller, Kenny: Won the IFBB Mr. Universe 1975 Wilkosz, Jusup: Won the amateur and pro. IFBB World Championships, 3rd. in Mr. Olympia 1983.
  • Yates, Dorian: One of the largest bodybuilders ever. Mr. Olympia 1992-94
  • Zane, Frank Mr.Olympia 1977-79

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    FREE Free Weight Lifting Programs
    And Body Building Routines!

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