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Bodybuilding Drug Free
Bodybuilding The Natural Way

Lets make a point: bodybuilding means excessive drug abuse. I hope I don't destroy any dreams, but all freaks you see in bodybuilding magazines, pros or amateurs and even some if not most of the 'natural' bodybuilders take illegal drugs. Testosterone, steroids, growth hormone, you name it.

Get some facts together

  • Roids are illegal for a reason: They will harm your health. Its not only a question of side effects, but also because juice can be tainted (black market)
    Side effects in males:
    • acne
    • shrunken testicles
    • decreased sperm production which can lead to impotence
    • premature baldness
    • enlargement of the prostate gland
    • breast enlargement
    • liver damage that can lead to death
    Side effects in females:
    • masculinization
    • may experience severe acne on the face and body
    • irregular periods
    • premature closure of the growth plates leading to stunted growth
    • deepening of the voice
    • growth of the clitoris
  • Many users are not expert enough and take high amounts, mix different juice and generally don't know exactly what they do
  • Most users get addicted and don't stop their cycles when presumed to
  • Associations, magazines and bodybuilders are not honest about their usage, its generally denied.
  • Everybody will have to come down from roids one day. Look at any past bodybuilding hero like Arnold, Franco Columbo, Haney, Dorian Yates and decide for yourself whats left without drugs!
And there is also a strong psychological argument against 'roid usage:

How will you feel about yourself and your body when people are staring at you and you know that your exceptional physic was not built by your own will but mostly by chemicals? In contrary, self-built muscles have a very positive effect on one's consciousness.

Drug Free Natural Bodybuilding is Different

Natural bodybuilding is not easy, because you can only get from your body what your genes and your will allow to. Compared to the gains possible with steroids you might be soon disappointed by your progress. Mistakes like wrong nutrition, wrong training volume, excessive partying/smoking/drinking will make you loose your muscles fast again. Your friends might laugh about you because you still don't look like Arnold after years.

So why do it anyway? You can't get Mr. Olympia without drugs, no way, but you can get Mr. PERSONALITY (fill in your name) with a pleasing, great, strong and healthy body. Natural bodybuilders know much better how to build muscles the real way, because they have to build the muscles themselves!

Click Here To Subscribe For
FREE Free Weight Lifting Programs
And Body Building Routines!

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