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Natural Bodybuilding Workouts

Workout 1

This is the Split that I am currently using. I start on Monday of each week. I like this program because it allows me alot of recuperation time. I have seen good gains on this routine.

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Days 6&7

Workout 2

This is the workout I was using before I started the previous workout. HIT is not the word for it. It will kick your ass... Won't stimulate enough fibers huh... ok, you try it!

I did each workout five days apart... yes, five days. I didn't get fat and gained over 10 lbs. Of course, I didn't get tested, so I can't tell you how much was muscle, but I sure got a hell of alot stronger.

Workout A
Mil Press
Calf Raise
Workout B
Pulldowns or Low Rows
Workout 3, HIT/Power Variation (what I am currently using)
Weighted Dips x 3 sets
Bench Press x 3 sets
Squats x 3-4 sets
Leg Press x 2 sets
Stiff Leg Dead or Leg Curls x 2-3 sets
Standing Calf Raises x 3 sets
Seated Calf Raises x 2-3 sets
Chins x 3 sets
Bent Rows x 3-4 sets
Low Rows or 1 arm DB Rows x 2-4 sets
Wrist Curls x 2-3 sets

I'm not naming my weights or rep schemes. That's something you should work out based on your preference/body's tolerance. Get your diet right, lift and grow!

I train abs every other day. There are too many ab exercises to name. The two I use most and consider most effective are the crunch and the leg raise.

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