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HMB Supplement
Research and Side Effects


Beta-Hydroxy Beta-Methylburate

HMB is short for Beta-Hydroxy Beta-Methylburate which is a leucine metabolite and is one of the newest additions to the world of sport supplements so there is not a lot of research to back it up.

Scientists are not even sure just how it works, but one theory is that it helps the body to limit protein breakdown and damage to muscle cells that takes place after intense training, and especially weight training.

Reducing protein breakdown might push your body into a anabolic (muscle growth state) instead of a catabolic (muscle destruction). This is actually one of the effects steroid users seek, so if more studies show good results on HMB this just might be an exciting supplement.

The one study that has been made on it is pretty impressive, it was presented on june 2. 1995 at the American College of Sports Medicine Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was a 3 week regular double blind university study, the HMB group gained approximately 300% more lean mass and 295% more strength than the group that followed the same training and nutrition program but did not supplement with HMB.

This is however the only study that has been released, but another study has been done and the preliminary results are said to also support the thory that HMB helps promote muscle and strength gains. This study involves 40 weight training athletes between the age of 19 and 29, they all followed the same weight training program and lifted for 3 days a week with at least one day rest between workouts.

The preliminary results of the last study and the final results of the first seems to point in the direction of HMB helping to decrease catabolism (muscle breakdown) and increase the nitrogen retention helping your body to become anabolic (muscle building), these two factors are very beneficial for muscle growth, so look out for more news on HMB.

As of yet, no known side effects have been reported or documented from the use of HMB. As stated before, HMB is a natural substance produced by the human body and taking HMB in recommended doses appears to be safe and is backed by scientific research.

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