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Creatine for Bodybuilding
Creatine Use When and How



Creatine is a naturally occuring energy substrate found in red muscle tissue. It is made from three different amino acids in the body. Creatine is mostly used to regenerate ATP in the anaerobic energy pathway, but in recent studies has been found to increase the rate of protein synthesis, thus helping to accelarate muscle hypertrophy. Many natural athletes looking for an edge have been using this substate in supplemental form in hopes of increasing excercise performance and muscle size. The use of creatine has been a boom to the supplement industry. The supplement companies mislead you with the high "loading" dosages they suggest. Creatine should be ingested on a daily basis during the loading phase, however since creatine is stored in the muscles, it need not be taken everyday after the loading phase. It can either be taken every other day or if you train 3 days per week, on training days. The following is a suggested loading and maintainence schedule.

130-150 lbs - load 12-15 grms/day (3days), then 5-8grams/day

150-175 lbs - load 15-18 grams/day, then 10-12 grams/day

175-200 lbs - load 18-20 grams/day, then 12-15 grams/day

200-plus lbs - load 20-25 grams/day, then 15-18 grams/day

The above body weights are based on LEAN BODY MASS.

Creatine has also been found to work better if ingested on an empty stomach with a fruit juice, twenty to thirty minutes before eating and immediately following a workout.

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